I began with the Market Lane group back in 2014 with Elbow Lane's opening. I was inexperienced but was given an opportunity I'm now so grateful for, an experience beyond anything I could have asked for!

I started out unsure of myself and my abilities. I knew I loved Cork, so seeing the level of professionalism, the quality of food and drinks being made and the punchy inclusive team spirit made me eager to prove myself and stay on, making countless friends in the process.

I upskilled by using the many courses made available internally, many of which being taught by my brilliant uplifted colleagues and grew in confidence in this work to a point I never imagined. I'm proud of the hard work everyone does and I know our customers see it in us as we work, a reward in itself!

Now a part of Goldie Fish and Ale's front of house team I'm excited to learn even more and pay it forward to the next person giving this industry a shot!

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So far this year our Restaurant Group has spent..

on employee training & development

Total spend in 2023: €25,200